Konstantin Anthony

Konstantin Anthony

CEO & Software Engineer


Konstantin Anthony

Hi! I am a Full-Stack Software Engineer and Distributed Systems Architect with more than 15 years of experience across e-Commerce, web-development, software-engineering, biotechnology, optical, and luxury beauty industries.  

I love building automatically scalable global architectures. It's one of my passions in systems engineering and I take great pride in building performant and resilient systems. I love being given the trust and resources to perform my job and not only meet but exceed expectations while leading a world-class team. I love working closely with other engineers and love designing and prototyping new technologies.

Konstantin Anthony’s Experience

I'm an e-Commerce Architect with over a decade of experience in e-Commerce development and am the best man for this job. I have experience building high-end e-Commerce solutions (Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce Wordpress), or entirely custom-built (Laravel, VueJS, React) that have fully automated integrations with various 3rd-party services such as Accounting Apps, Inventory Management Systems, e-Commerce Apps, CRM's, Ad Services, and more with fully developed custom admin panels.

I have strong experience with TypeScript, Rust, OO PHP 7, PostgreSQL/MySQL, React, VueJS, Docker.

I am presently pursuing a Computer Engineering degree from Harvard University Extension School.