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The IXO of New York

Real Politik

Let's shake shit up!

So, to enact real change, I will be running for King's County's District 47 City Council. Don't forget to VOTE on November 2018 for me, Anthony Al'Thor Romanov, and Mark Treygor for State Government or Senate, whatever he goes for. We will all come up together to enact the new Renaissance and Golden Age.


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Just another part of The IXO coalescing.

Going to hook up the Assistance page with a searchable GPS enabled map that will present you with options and scheduels for local support and mission groups that feed and shelter people during times on need.

Gotta hoot it into Google Maps or Open Street View API. Need to start looking into databases of already existing information.

More to come soon, promise.


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Family & Partnership

House Romanov Resurrection

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On Real Family

Look at Nicholas II on Google Image Search

The Last Tsar of Russia & Ukraine on Wikipedia:


If you look at Google Image Search for Nicholas II Young, you will see that he was coloring his hair, the way they do at some Barbershops specializing in Native-African Men's Hair. He was blond and likely my direct parental lineage. I've neve seen another person look so close me. DNA is expressed in your face, which is why digital facial recognition is so effective. Know who's very good at it? Facebook. Thanks, Zuck.

Now look at me:



These photos are one offs and not planned, I took them before even making this connection.


Gde moya semya?!


Gde moyi Zebri!?


I do not know the full story, but apparently I was placed with a step-family that did not meet their obligations. There is only one Anton Tryatechenko on Facebook and it's clearly not me. His Green Card was sent to where I used to live on 1049 East 15th Street, during the time I used to live there, and I have the letter to prove it and I have his social security number..

On Partnership

TopTal isn't garbage, I was frustrated and said something I shouldn't have, and I hope we can move past what I said amiably. Their adversity gave me an idea for helping people develop their talents. Maybe TopTal will be game for something like this.

TheIXO will never take a penny, you may return something that will go into your savings account and 1% of that will be taken. That savings account will be Managed by Options House. Nice returns all day everyday instead of a paltry 3% or whatever the fuck banks offer.

Romanov Royal Bank is coming to free you of money.


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On Prudence

Piss In The Wind

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Fuck prudence. Throw caution to the wind. Piss in the fucking wind. Get mad. Get angry.

If you're uncomfortable, fuck it, quit your job. Go do something more interesting. Maybe opportunities will come your way. Meet some new friends. Fuck those assholes that you keep waiting for. Fuck family. Fuck everyone. Stop stewing in a toxic environment and find something that isn't a job, find joy.

Joy. Happiness. If you aren't smiling when you go to bed, if you aren't waking up early without an alarm clock, if you don't wake up smiling, then something is terribly, terribly wrong.

If you like, yell out of your fucking window: "FUCK THIS FUCKING SHIT!!!" What are they going to do? Sue you? Walk around talking to yourself if you like, get to know yourself. You might just begin to like yourself. Get to know your grocers; get to know their names—They might just help you out if you are their friend.

Sit there hungry. Sit there alone. It won't kill you. You will find happiness then and only then—You will slowly begin to love yourself again. Love yourself first and foremost. Stop putting others before yourself. Once you begin to walk around smiling like yourself, amazing things will simply begin to happen.

Then maybe create a corporation, and maybe find some partners. Pay yourself. Get it, everyday.

Don't apply to TopTal unless you like 50% of your PayCheck taken in perpetuity. Slave drivers. Thieves.

AngelList and TheIXO has something special for all of you. I will take 0% of your pay.

Nothing changes, unless you make it change.

Now make it change—for Christ's Sake.


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On Service

Thank You Arrigo Cipriani!

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February 7th, 2017:

I'm already going around making friends and building relationships. I have a lot more people to see, meet, speak with, and smell, so I'm writing a book about that journey. It's just beginning of my service.

Because I crash through glass ceilin's and break through closed doors. You can depend on that, I fuckin' promise all of you.



February 10th, 2017:

Decided to get into creating spaces. I love myself first and foremost and through that love I perform services for people. I decided it would be best to show the renaissance age and The Golden Age by example.

I am putting together a blue-print for a hotel, restaurant, bar & grill, for people of all ages and walks of life. All will be welcome, everything inside will be free to true friends. It will be funded in part by The IXO, in part by private functions such as business meetings, presentations, and events.

Introducing The Golden Age, for it is upon us!


 |  Anthony Al'Thor Romanov I of New York

On Horticulture & Botany

Let's Live In Eden!

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Today, I decided to start writing a book entitled A Cultivation: A Good Thumb

Having seen one of the recent Strong Literary Agency's books, entitled 'Rooftop Gardens', one of my aspirations is convincing the world's cities through various means to start planting on their roofs. NYC roofs are ripe for a rooftop garden revolution! I'm also working on bringing California Redwoods to Central Park and other NYC parks. I'm going to California soon to see the California Redwoods up close myself, to touch them, smell them, take the whole forest in, so-to-say.

A Cultivation: A Good Thumb! will be much more than just a thesis for a Plant Sciences PhD. About some California Redwoods, Carbon Sequestration, and Environmental Encouragement. http://plantandmicrobiology.berkeley.edu/plant-signaling

More to come soon, promise!


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